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We BUY houses for cash to make your property sell a smooth and quick process! Rely on Buy Pittsburgh Homes as your professional home buyers and sell your home in Cranberry Township, Mars, Seven Field, and Valencia for CASH.

No matter how your house looks, we BUY your property as-is. At BPH, we believe in making the property selling as easy and stress–free as possible!

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Selling Your Property in Seven Fields with the Easy Way!

  • You Contact Us– We will visit your location to determine the condition of your home
  • We Make You an Offer– After determining your property’s value, we make you an offer if its fits our criteria
  • You Get a Cash offer– No waiting like a closing process. We buy your house by paying you instant cash.

No closing cost, no realtor fees. Sell your home as-is!

We’re Professional Home Buyers

Selling your home is, without a doubt a hectic and lengthy process. From making renovations, and staging to listing and finding the potential buyers, the entire process is challenging. If you’re a first-time seller, the process may take a toll on you.

Put simply, listing your home for sale requires a significant amount of time effort and professional knowledge. However, if you decide to hire a real estate agent, it may make the process relatively easier but can reduce the amount of profit you’re supposed to get from home selling.

Buy Pittsburgh Homes is a family-operated business that buys houses for cash in Seven Fields.  By selling your home to us, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of home listing to find the buyers. We excel at buying distressed properties at discounted rates and remodeling for better profits.

We Buy Homes As-Is

Why waste time and money on repainting, repairing, or renovating your home when you can sell it as –is?

Partnering with us for a home sale means there isn’t any obligation to make repairs to the property before the sale. We’re experts in home buying and know how to invest in properties that need little repair work.

No matter how old long your property has been sitting vacant in the market or what condition it is in. We can BUY it as-in and pay you instant cash right away.

No Real Estate Agent Fees

Save you hundreds of dollars with Buy Pittsburgh Homes!

Home buying is just a two-party process with us.

  • You call us
  • We visit your location, make an offer, and buy the property in cash.

You don’t have to rely on a realtor or an agent to manage the process!

We Let You Choose The Closing Date

As professional home buyers, we close the deal within ten days but if you want to shorten this time frame, you can do it. Choose the time and date and we will make that happen!

What makes Selling Home in Seven Fields Difficult and How We Help

Cosmetic Flaws

While you might not have thought about them, minor or small cosmetic flaws in a property make it difficult to sell it in Mars, Seven Field, Valencia, and Cranberry Township.

We can be your instant buyer who doesn’t take cosmetic flaws into account when buying your property.

Contacting to “Buy Pittsburgh Homes” means selling your home in its current condition within days! Call us and close fast!

Helping you sell the house is a priority! Pre-Inspection

If don’t want to make the home selling more challenging, avoid buyers who inspect the property unless you have time or you’re willing to make repairs. Finding sellers who buy your home as-is is an excellent way to escape inspection contingency.

Sell your home to BPH in Butler County whether you live in Cranberry Township, Seven Field, Valencia, or Mars. We buy houses as-is directly from the buyers. We make a fair to buy your property and make you feel confident and satisfied about your deal.

Contact us today at (412) 342-8555 or visit us to learn more about our process of buying properties in your area.


In sub-boroughs like Valencia, Mars, Seven Field, and Cranberry Township, mold is the most common and feared issue in homes.

If you don’t want to go through the mold remediation process, sell your home as-is to Buy Pittsburgh Homes.

At Buy Pittsburgh Homes, we purchase houses/properties as-is for cash. You don’t have to worry about the buyers qualifying for funds or financing.

Your Professional Home

When it comes to selling the property in Cranberry Township, Seven Field, Valencia, and Mars, you will likely find the buyers looking for luxurious and amenity-rich homes. If you want to sell a property without making any repairs or remodeling, you need a buyer like us.

We know that affordable housing is an increasing demand from the buyers in urban centers and submarkets of Butler County. Even with the vast target market, selling your property to a buyer who can pay cash is a daunting task.

Not sure why partnering with “instant buyers like BPH” is the right way to sell your home? Give us a call to find out how we make home selling hassle-free.

What Makes Buy Pittsburgh Home Stand Out?

If you have a property that is on the brink of foreclosure or requires thorough upkeep, selling it in prosperous locations like Mars, Cranberry Township, Seven Field, and Valencia won’t be easy. Don’t wait long to sell your house just because of its current condition.

With buyers like us, you can go back home without any worry and stress of remodeling or investing more in the property.

Isn’t that great and convenient?

Reach out to us because;

  • No matter why you want to sell the house – We can help!
  • We aim to help you find the most suitable solution for your property
  • We don’t charge any fees or commissions when buying your property
  • We buy everything from single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments
  • From the first call to deal closing, we guide you
  • We make firm offers and don’t change them at the last moment
  • Our team ensures that you face no hassle or stress of listing your property
  • We handle all repairs

What’s more?

Choose us because we are;

Experienced in Homebuying

We take pride in having the most experienced and professional staff to help our clients sell their properties faster. And this gives us an edge over our competitors and other homebuyers. Our veteran team has the right set of skills in assessing the property’s condition and value.

Our highly trained crew has exceptional expertise and experience in the current housing market in the boroughs. They know exactly how to tackle the properties that have been sitting in the housing market for months.

Sell to BPH directly, without paying any agent’s commission or charges!

Credible Buyers

Regardless of how you like to sell your house or when you approach us, we guarantee you to become your credible buyer.

We deliver what we PROMISE and never compromise on deals and the commitment we make!

Have the Best Timing

Have you listed your house on the market?

Don’t worry, we can buy it anyway! We understand that time plays an important role when it is to selling a home in Butler County. We will not let the listing time affect your property’s price.

Contact us today to get a cash offer!

No more traditional selling methods! With Buy Pittsburgh Home, your hunt for a potential buyer is over. Choose us to sell your house right away. Call us at (412) 342-8555 and schedule an appointment with our team.

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